KREW.IO | Pirate PVP

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#1 Pirate .IO Game

Krew.io is a unique multiplayer 3D third-person shooter web-based game. Included within the io games category, but vastly different compared to most of its competition, Krew boasts an overall pirate theme where players compete to sink each other, race for loot, and attempt to be the top pirate.  The game is mostly competitive, as players battle each other for #1 on the in-game leaderboard, but is also somewhat cooperative, as players on the same ship will have to work together to sink enemies.


FERGE.IO | Multiplayer FPS


Online FPS PVP

Ferge.io is a first-person shooter PVP game that allows you to use a variety of weapons. Defeat your opponents and collect coins to purchase cosmetics and rise to the top of the leaderboard. The objective of the game is to run around the map and kill as many enemies as possible. This will earn you money, which you can then exchange for gear or weapons for your character. Aside from that, there is a wheel of fortune where you can win money. 


PUNG.IO | Online Punchwar

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Punching Battle Royale

Do you enjoy PVP? In this exciting 2D Battle Royale io game, compete against other players. Use a wide range of skills in your battle to be the last one standing! Coins can be accumulated by players. Skins and spells are available for purchase in the shop. Avatars with higher base stats can be unlocked using coins.


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